Site Overview

Why Visit This Site

I created the SQL Optimizations School because I hate surfing the internet looking answers. Most places seem to be filled with lots of trolls whose advice amounts to "Go spend hours learning for yourself because I had too". I personally think those are bogus answers, and I want people to actually learn to be better at what they do. Since I have gotten decently good are optimizing queries through hours of research, I thought I would save you some time and share what I know.

This is not to say that every place is bad. In fact, I happen to visit these forums on a regular basis and their members are pretty helpful. Just make sure to supply all the information they need to help.

Remember, performance is key in large databases.

What You Will Find

SQL Optimization Techniques and Tests

This site is aimed at optimizing queries for Microsoft SQL Server.

You will find two main categories. SQL optimizations and tests (with certificate printouts!). It is taken for granted that you know basic SQL programming skills and are just in need of rolex replica watches some further training to write your queries better. If you are still learning the basics, I recommend visiting w3schools to help get you started. They have a great site.

Troubleshooting Tool

Peformance is Bad and You Don't Know Where to Start

Sometimes the hardest part is determining where to begin your research. I created a handy little tool that will help you troubleshoot slowness issues in you database. It should help anyone get started on the path to optimization.