Basement Waterproofing on Long Island Helps Prevent Health Issues

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Is your basement showing signs of water damage, mold growth, or have an unpleasant odor? You need basement waterproofing in Long Island. Leaking water or condensation that infiltrates the bottom floor of your house is not only unattractive. It can cause problems that will affect your family’s health, the structural integrity of the home, and take a considerable bite out of your budget if not addressed promptly.


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Signs You Need Waterproofing or Leak Repair


While water can enter your basement in different ways, there are universal signs that it has become a serious problem and you need professional help waterproofing a basement in Long Island.


  • Basement walls damp to the touch
  • Sweaty or dripping pipes or ductwork
  • Hard water stains on external fixtures or walls
  • Mildew or mold growth
  • A damp, rotting smell in the air
  • Condensation on cool ducts or items stored in the basement
  • Signs of flowing water on walls or floor


If you see the last item on the above list, you need prompt foundation leak repair Long Island. The structure of your home may be at risk.



The Basement Waterproofing Process Explained


First, determine why you need basement waterproofing in Long Island, which has a temperate climate with quite a bit of rain. Overall moisture levels can lead to condensation as humidity leaks in through vents, cellar windows, or poor duct seals. Find any compromised spots where moisture can enter.


The next step is to dry out the basement completely. Sunny weather helps if the problem is wall condensation or the need for foundation leak repair Long Island. A professional waterproofing company may bring in industrial-strength dehumidifiers to help.


Leaky pipes require repair. Unsealed windows need new sealant or trim. The mold may need environmental remediation work to make the space healthy enough to work and live in again. Then, the waterproofing basement in Long Island work begins.



Methods for Long-Term Waterproofing of Cellars and Basements


Before any other materials are installed or sealants applied, foundation leak repair Long Island must occur. The company hired to tackle this may dig out the ground at the point of the leak and repair using sealants and cement or handle smaller cracks from the inside. The method must ensure structural strength.


Both interior and exterior basement waterproofing in Long Island exist. While some offer supposedly water-stopping painting options, but they are mostly for looks alone and more extensive help is needed. Crack sealers close up future problem areas and stop water seepage. Impervious layers are installed to block all water movement through the walls. These can cover the inside walls or the contractor can dig a deep trench around the entire exterior and install it deep in the ground.


No matter why water is infiltrating and damaging your basement ceiling, walls, and floor, waterproofing a basement in Long Island needs to be done promptly so your family stays healthy and your house stays strong.

Joshua Bannon