Finding the top Company in Metallic Epoxy Flooring in Tampa

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When you were looking for top metallic epoxy flooring in Tampa , there’s no better polished concrete flooring specialists then in the sunshine State. Seriously, people in Florida just do not like your typical floors. Carpet floor is just so blasé. While some homes may have Mexican tile, terrazzo or even marble. One thing is for sure, flooring is important to Floridians.

metallic epoxy in flooring tampa fl
metallic epoxy in flooring tampa fl

Now polished metallic epoxy flooring in Tampa have many advantages. One thing for sure is that they are very durable. What do I mean by that? Epoxy flooring has a long life expectancy, and why wouldn’t it? Compared to hardwood floors and carpets even to the average layman, epoxy floors are a winner.

Now there are a lot of things you can do with epoxy concrete floors. Sometimes when people hear about this type of flooring their imagination conjures up those ugly gray handball courts. Not so, grasshopper! Metallic epoxy flooring in Tampa can be so much more!

Not only can they be highly reflective, But they are different types of designs that can be accomplished. Such as stamping, etching, engraving, overlays and many different types of colors.

Now if you want to install the epoxy yourself or if you feel that this is a type of business that you want to start, in order to do this properly, you’ll either need to learn on the job or take a professional epoxy flooring training course. There are different types of distributors of polished epoxy concrete floor equipment that offer this.

You’ll be taught hands-on on how to prep a concrete floor, all of the steps and polishing and laying down the epoxy and for the most fun, how to use that awesome diamond grinder!

There are so many intricacies into polishing the floor. Some people have the notion that you just place a grinder on a concrete floor, grind the crap out of it, then seal it and throw some coating on it. If that was all it was, that anybody could do this and make a lot of money. Like I have already said, it’s a bit more complicated if you want to do the job right.

One thing you may need to consider where do you want to grind wet or dry. What kind of shine are you looking for? If you want a highly burnished floor, the process will most definitely take longer to accomplish. For an industrial floor you may stop at a 400 grit, but in a residence you may go as five is 8500 grit for a highly burners floor.

These are just a couple of the things you would need to learn to be true metallic epoxy flooring in Tampa expert. While a two day training course will begin to place your business in the right direction, it’s probably a good idea to bring on board someone who is experienced just to make sure your business gets off on the right foot.

Joshua Bannon