Hiring a Title Service in Suffolk County NY Can Be Adventurous

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A title service in Suffolk county New York is somewhat like the tattle tale that every class had in elementary school. You remember the kid that was always in someone’s business. Their goal was to find out what that could so they could tell someone else. If they were shrewd, they would let go of this extremely valuable information for candy, lunch money, etc.

title service in suffolk county new york

Hiring a title service in Suffolk county new York, is somewhat to a tattle tale. The job of a title company is to look for the story of a home, the story that is hidden and requires a near sleuth to reveal those secrets.


Why is this type of exposing necessary? As a matter of fact what kind of service does a title company perform? So, as everyone knows, when you buy a car, if you pay for it in cash, the owner will transfer title to you. The tile will prove that the seller owns the car therefore, can sell it to you. ”There should be no lenders on that title. If there is, then the finance company may also be an owner of the car. That would be the case if the note has not been paid off.  The seller would need to get you a “satisfaction letter”. This would state that the finance company that loaned the money for the purchase of the car, has been paid off. To be safe, the car seller should clear the title first before he attempted to sell the car in the first place.


This scenario also happens when you purchase a piece of property on Long Island. This is where you would need a title service in suffolk county New York.  The title company would search public records to see who has ownership of the property and if there are liens against it.

As a matter of fact, a mortgage company will not approve the loan if a title search is not done.


At one time, I actually performed my own title search. It was really a pain as I had to visit multiple government entities. When I did it, you had to make a personal visit to a government office since nothing was available online at the time.


I really should have hired a title service in Suffolk county New York to do the search. First off, government employees excel at being lazy. They will tell you the minimum amount of information just so you will stop bugging them. It took me a few days of research to realize why the property I was looking at was so cheap. It had more notes on it then there was in a Staples.


Never underestimate the value of a title service in Suffolk County New York. Not only will they make your life more easier during your property purchase, but they will do a thorough job to ensure that you don’t have unwelcomed lenders knocking on your door in the future.

Joshua Bannon