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Backups and Transaction Logs

Simple or Complicated?

The concept of backing up data is simple enough, and we are only going to touch on the main backup type. Of course there are different ways to set your configuration files, but we want to keep this easy to understand


Take a full backup at least once a day. When you are thinking of your storage requirements and database size, remember to consider how many backups you will need to store. In databases that are used frequently during the day, I would recommend keeping 3-4 days worth of full backups. Some people might want several months worth, others probably don't care. Consider this type of scenario when you think of your backup needs:

- You walk into the office on Monday morning and find out something bad happened to your application on Saturday morning. A few days worth of can help you recover from at least Friday night.

Transaction Logs

What you might also be thinking is how to recover to a specific point in timeā€¦ between the backup cycles. This is when your transaction log backups come in handy. There is no need to take a full backup every hour. Just setup your transaction logs to get backed up once an hour to save on TONS of space.

If you want to get into the details of backups, I would suggest hoping over to Microsoft's website and taking a look. Link below:


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